Hyper-modern Public Bath Has Opened!

WOW! Not only is it a hot spring, but it also has spa treatment too!

Hiroshi Fukami
Hiroshi Fukami

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“Sento” is a traditional public bath in Japan, and is one of the most common things that foreigners are surprised with, when they come to Japan. People do not wear bathing suites, soak in very hot water up to the neck, and stare at a picture of Mt. Fuji…


Hisamatsu-Yu” opened in 1956 in Sakuradai, Nerima. It must have been on of those traditional Sentos described above. But things became different when they found a hot spring in 2013. They renovated the Sento and it became like a modern European spa.



The black and white interior is very chic, and the latest projection mapping can be seen on the walls. The artist that made the projection mapping is Atelier OMOYA (http://atelieromoya.jp/), who also did the projection mapping for Charles de Gaulle Airport.


I recommend you try both, the traditional Sento and the modern Sento. Though I personally like feel of the old traditional Sento that has high ceilings and echoes the water sound.


Source Hisamatsu-Yu

Translated by Yuki Mat.


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