Take a Look at the Historical 1200 year old Kiyomizu-Dera on Instagram!

Beautiful pictures by a professional photographer of the yard, historical architecture, and the ceremony.

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In Japan there is a popular expression “to jump off the stage at Kiyomizu”. It means to take the plunge and challenge yourself, but anyways this famous “stage at Kiyomizu” is in Kiyomizu-Dera, Kyoto.
Kiyomizu-Dera has been said that it was built in 778 (in the same time Europe Charlemagne was trying to unite most of Europe, the Roman emperor was in Istanbul, and there was no countries like France nor Germany like there is now). Kyoto has many old temples with a long history, and is admired by many people from all over the world.


This is the Kiyomizu-Dera’s Instagram account.


You can take a look at the ceremonies, the tradition, the monks that pray, and see that even today the Kyoto citizens respects this temple.

Take a look at the wonderful world that has a mixture of technology, pop culture together with history and tradition.


Translated by Yuki Mat.

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A photo posted by 音羽山 清水寺|Kiyomizu-dera (@feel_kiyomizudera) on

除夜の鐘|Joya no Kane #kyoto #kiyomizudera #japan #temple #清水寺#京都#日本#寺

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修正会|Shusho-e 1/7 #kyoto #kiyomizudera #temple #japan #2015 #清水寺#京都#日本#寺

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成就院|Jojuin #kiyomizudera #kyoto #japan #temple #清水寺 #日本 #京都 #寺

A photo posted by 音羽山 清水寺|Kiyomizu-dera (@feel_kiyomizudera) on


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