HONDA Unveiled a Super Cute Camping Car

Japanese car fanatics are excited!

Hiroshi Fukami
Hiroshi Fukami

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K-car, or what is known as kei jidosha are a class of special kind of vehicle that meets the size restrictions to receive tax breaks. The engine displacement has to be under 660cc and has to be small in size to receive the benefits, and is widely used as a second car or small pickup truck in daily lives.



The consumption power of the Japanese has gone down due to the long deflation, and full size cars has not been selling so well. On the other hand, K-cars are becoming more popular among young people and people with low income.


Now, the car manufactures are making the K-cars more attractive. There’s more to it than the low price and the small body. From this trend, HONDA released the concept of “N-TRUCK” and “N-CAMP”.


At the “Japan Camping Car Show 2015” that was held from February 13th to 16th, HONDA unveiled the concept of the “N-TRUCK” which is a new type of truck that uses the some concept of the bestselling wagon type K-car “N-BOX”, and a RV that the N-TRUCK can pull called “N-CAMP”.


In Japan, RVs are not so common. But if this concept car by HONDA is put into practical use, it could be a beginning of a new leisure culture. I would personally like to rent a RV K-car like this. The hotels in Japan are very expensive, and there are strict check-in and check-out times that you need to follow. With the RV K-car, you don’t have to worry about them!



Translated by Yuki Mat.


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